Hello strangers

Hi everyone,

Firstly, I think I should make a grovelling apology for my absence and lack of posts. University exams and revision have taken over my life, and this post is actually a form of procrastination before my last exam tomorrow so it’ll be quick. So I am very very very sorry for being so slack!

I’d like to say that I have been away on exciting adventures and enjoying the lovely sunshine that we’ve had recently. But sadly I have been sat inside, glued to my highlighters and assorted cue cards trying to remember historians and why they dislike one another for completely irrelevant reasons. But as of tomorrow all of that will change as I will be finishing my second year exams! I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone and how much has actually changed since I embarked upon my second year.

So what have I learned? I think I’ve grown up a lot this academic year, I’ve learned to prioritise work and people who really matter in life. I had a very steep learning curve which I shan’t go into detail about but I think I’ve come out a better person because of it. All I will say is that you should keep the friends around that make you feel happy and not bad about yourself and that you can never change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions.

What am I looking forward to in summer? Holidays and freedom!!! There is nothing like having absolutely nothing to do all day when you’ve just finished exams. So that is exactly what I shall do…I will be doing absolutely nothing (at least nothing educational for a while).

My plan though is to bring you along with me as I write my dissertation. Keep you up to date on how it is going, research and archive visits and progress reports. Maybe one or two breakdowns but fingers crossed it’ll be an enjoyable experience.

I promise I won’t go away for months at a time again!

Have a lovely Wednesday



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