Time to breathe

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope you’re all having a lovely relaxing Sunday, doing Sunday-esque things (e.g. sleeping, eating or relaxing). Following my previous post I thought it would be important to have a bit of a catch up. Much to my own dismay and despair in the last few weeks I have taken a gap year from my studies. Yes, that means I’ve paused my 3rd year until next September so that firstly I can get better and feel more like myself and secondly as my blog post title suggests I have time to breathe. This time to breathe is something all of us are guilty of forgetting to do, especially in this generation we’re always so busy checking our phones, getting jobs, getting work experience, seeing friends, updating social media about said friends and work experience.

I want to emphasise how important this time to pause and reflect is for me especially. Some people might think that I’ve just taken the easy option out of the stress of 3rd year of uni, but I haven’t left permanently I’m going back next year no question. But I’ve been constantly switched on with work, family, uni, exercise and stress for a good few years and its taken its toll on my health because I haven’t stopped once, and quite frankly I’m exhausted. I’m not looking for a pity party because I know its my own fault really, but I’ve decided to make this decision for this time off, for me, because it is the best thing for me and everyone around me as well…I hope.

I’m going to keep a part time job and work on my dissertation when I feel strong enough to do so. It’s not the end of my studies, and I’m far from giving up and hiding in a hole. But as I write this post, I’ve just taken some healthy banana bread cupcakes out of the oven (own recipe, woohoo!), I’ve got a cup of lemon green tea and cosy socks on and I’m planning what I’m going to do for the next few months and I know I’ve made the right decision for me.

Whether it be a gap year travelling abroad, time to recuperate at home or a break to get some work experience- it is okay to stop and take some time for yourself. Don’t let anyone pressure you otherwise because you’ll end up like me, ill and unhappy before you have no choice but to stop! I’d have loved to finish my degree in three years, but clearly that just isn’t how things have planned out- time to move forward and make the best of what is happening, now I have the time to breathe.


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