Just a little note…

Hello everyone,

For those of you who have been following me for a little while now you’ll know that I have mainly been blogging on University based subjects and advice ect. But I’ve come to enjoy my time blogging so much that I’ve decided to broaden my horizons and just blog on problems, issues, advice and life in general that I experience or want to share, I promise I won’t pollute your readers with make-up reviews and hauls! Since it’s Spring, a time of new life and new starts so I think it’s a well timed move.

But in the time of essays for me, ugh I hate this part of the term, I thought I’d share this quote I found which is so appropriate!

“If you get stuck, get away from your desk. Take a walk, take a bath, go to sleep, make a pie, draw, listen to ­music, meditate, exercise; whatever you do, don’t just stick there scowling at the problem. But don’t make telephone calls or go to a party; if you do, other people’s words will pour in where your lost words should be. Open a gap for them, create a space. Be patient.”- Hilary Mantel 

Enjoy your week.



Mid-term Reading/Writing Week- Should I stay or should I go?

For those of you who take essay/reading based subjects such as English/History/Sociology/Law ect. you will probably get a reading or writing week in the middle of term where you have nothing timetabled. This usually falls around the middle of term and usually the last week of term. Most people ask with this week off What is the best thing to do- go home or stay at Uni?


Lets face it you’ll probably get more work done at Uni, you’ve got the library and every possible resource at your disposal, so if you need to get those essays done in that week then I suggest you stay firmly put and get writing! Even if you haven’t got that much work to do in your week without any lectures or seminars it’ll be a great time for you to catch up on any bits and bobs that you have to do around Uni, maybe even tidy your room?! It might also be a great time just to relax a bit, especially if you’re in first year when it has all been a bit hectic since Freshers.


Other people take their reading week as an opportunity to go home or to visit their friends at other Uni’s. I will sadly admit that I am always way ahead on my work so I use my reading week to head home and relax away from the stresses of being in an all female student house (it’s hard.) I think it acts as a great way to decompress and adds a bit of a break in the middle of term, especially if it feels like its dragging. Visiting other uni’s is great too though, you can meet your friends from home and their flatmates at Uni (If they’re not too busy writing essays) and enjoy a great student night out somewhere you’ve never been before!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you use that week well its an opportunity to catch up on everything and get yourself sorted before the last run up to the end of term. Whether it be sleeping, eating and watching Netflix to recharge those batteries or manically typing an essay before the 12pm deadline, Have a Happy Reading Week!!

-Sorry this week’s post isn’t very long, I’ve just finished writing two essays so I’m ready for my restful reading week at home- 9 days to go!


Week 5/6 Stress

Its almost mid way through the term (somehow?!) and its essay time…

We all get to this point in the term where you can’t find the book you need in the library which is crucial to that awful essay your trying to finish or even start in some cases. I think everyone starts to feel a bit tired, maybe homesick and fed up of the workload that constantly hits you in the face every time you open your university email.

One of the best ways I like to destress around this time is making sure I spend time with my friends/housemates in the evenings, we’re all in the same boat so releasing the stress and having a laugh over a film, dominoes or even I’ve found find a buddy and get to the gym where you can work together (so much more fun!) Once you’ve relaxed a bit, you’ll find you can come back to your essay with a fresh mind ready to take on that awful referencing!

Secondly, never, and I mean never underestimate the power of a cup of tea (coffee or hot chocolate if you’re that way inclined) even if it’s just a couple of minutes writing break- take a few seconds, sit back and think about what you’re trying to say with a cup of tea and I promise you it will be a lot easier.

This one may not be for everyone but I find it helps me: making lists of what I have to do, I literally consume post-its at such a rate I’m running out of space to put them. Every week, I start the week with what I want to accomplish especially around this time when everything is so busy because I know when I cross that last essay off I can feel content and happy that I’ve achieved what I wanted.

I think my absolute favourite thing about this part of the term is that I know I get to go home for a few days soon- 6 weeks has gone so quickly but theres nothing like looking forward to the comforts of home to get you working.

I hope this helps if you’re feeling a bit stressed, remember nothing is permanent and the time will eventually pass!