FRESHERS: What do I need to pack?!

Moving out of your parents house can be the most daunting thing in the world (trust me, I cried for days) but it’s important you’ve got all the right stuff and you’re not the Fresher who has packed so much stuff that you annoy your new housemates by taking up all the kitchen space. Loads of Uni’s will actually give you a list of what you need but I thought I’d give you a simple list top 15 items you will definitely need to bring to survive! Think I’ve missed something off? Let me know!

1. Saucepans– you’ll have to cook for yourself at some point, you may as well have something to cook it in…

2. Cutlery– nobody likes eating with their hands.

3. Labels, labels and more labels– you might be lucky and no one will eat your food, but in a lot of student accommodation people will help themselves to anything!

4. Plates, bowls and glasses– More than one of each is generally advised so washing up is at a minimum.

5. Bedcovers– Even if you pay over £6,000 for your accommodation they’re not going to make your bed for you I’m afraid!

6. Pillows– With my first room my Uni gave me one pillow which was around 2cm thick and probably slept on by more students than I care to know, so bring your own for a comfy nights sleep!

7. Blankets– A lot of Uni halls and houses are super cold as Winter creeps up, we had no control of our heating so its probably a good idea to make sure you’re bundled up ready!

8. Slippers- It’s cold, floors are cold…you get the idea.

9. Tissues– For many the goodbye and farewell to their parents is easy but if you’re like me you’ll need an abundance of tissues for when they finally drop you off

10. Folders, notepads and pens– In the eager excitement of Freshers week sometimes we forget we’re actually there to learn, so don’t forget your stationery…you’ll need it!

11. Cough/Cold Medicines– Freshers Flu is very real and horrendous to get rid of so stock up while you can and prepare for the sniffly lecture theatres.

12. Fancy Dress- This may sound odd but check your Freshers Week schedule before you leave because odds are there will be a few superhero or school uniform themed nights- so pack your ties!

13. Student Cookbook– No idea how to cook? No worries, theres so many student cookbooks around that will get you through your first term on a budget and will probably earn you a few friend too if you get the recipes right

14. A deck of cards- Essential for Freshers week drinking games and beyond

15. Cards, ID, Money– probably the most obvious of all the things to bring but easily forgettable!