Sundays and new adventures

Hello everyone,

Sorry I’ve been a bit lacking in posts this week, I’ve had a couple of essays to write so they’ve come first I’m afraid! I’m thinking of spending my Sunday in bed with The Office (I love the US Office, If you haven’t seen it yet, go go go!) but first I’ll probably get up and go for a run or gym session and then have a lovely bowl of porridge (simple things in life keep me happy) before returning back to my nest. How do you all like to spend your Sunday- do you do something fun or relax?

Exciting news as well, with the essays finished I only have about a week and a half left of term until Easter. I’M SO EXCITED TO GET BACK!!!

Now on to the new adventures- I haven’t told anyone about this yet other than you guys so keep it on the down low, it’s a bit out of the blue but I thought why not?! I’ve decided to apply for an summer school opportunity in India, how amazing is that! The Study India scheme is open for students from all disciplines to study in Mumbai and Dehli for two weeks, they pay for your food, accommodation, tuition and travel once you’re there. All you have to do is pay for your flight, visa and vaccines (which should cost no more than around £500ish). I think it would be an amazing opportunity to experience a culture beyond the bounds of tourism and really get into the classroom! I find out if I’ve been accepted by the end of May/ Early June so fingers crossed! I’ll link the website below so you can have a look and maybe I’ve inspired you to take a leap on this lovely Sunday morning! 

Have a great Sunday, whatever you’re planning to do and a productive week!